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Three vlog super niches with high chances of success on YouTube

Within YouTube, certain niches perform amazingly well. Meaning that if you dedicate yourself to uploading at least one video a week, be highly focused on your super niche and create great quality content. Chances are extremely high that you can live off your YouTube channel within a year.

Super niche YouTube

So here we share three super niches on YouTube you could choose from to start your channel and live from it within a year.

Refitting a sailing yacht

Sailing is a highly saturated vlogging niche. There are a lot of sailing channels and only a few are performing amazingly. There are a dozen performing pretty well and a lot of other channels struggle with growth every month.

But there is this one super niche that skyrockets any channel within YouTube - if you do it right: SEO, quality content and consistency.

YES refitting sailing yacht - every channel that has done a refit and documented it, grew very fast in subscribers and views. If you can make it into at least a one year project (52 videos) you can hit 100k subscribers and live from the ad income.

Examples of YouTube channels with long term refit projects:

Examples of YouTube channels with short term refit projects

In both genres - long term and short term you see a tremendous increase in subscribers and views. But most chances of succes is a one year project!

Slow living/Cottage core

This was the most trending super niche in 2021 and probably will be pretty amazing in 2022. This is about a way of living and editing that fits within this niche.

Example YouTube channels

Martijn Doolaard's channel is most remarkable with growth in subscribers and views related to amount of videos. This has a reason. He was feature on Kirsten Dirksen channel at the same time he launched his first video about his cottage in the mountains.

Renovating a ruin

This has been and probably always be a big hit! People just love to watch videos about ruins and how people renovate these. I think most people dream of doing such a project once in their lifetime.

Here are a few YouTube channels to inspire you.

And Kirsten Dirksen her YouTube channel is full with these kind of projects.

So this was it for this week. Hope you have some more ideas about a niche and how you can find yours. If you need more help, check out our course Finding your Niche & Target Audience.


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