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We summed up all the tools we use and love and that we consider being essential to any YouTube content creator. These are so-called affiliate links and we get a small commission if you use them at no extra cost to you. Thank you for using them and giving us acknowledgment for our work. We highly appreciate it!

Our MAIN analytics Platform + Plug in

We advise having TubeBuddy as a paid analytic platform, the extra's will make your life easier and the insight will drive further understanding of your channel Read more in this blog post.


Our SECOND analytics Platform

VidIQ is the second platform that we advise. We have this one primarily for the subscribers' count and insights in velocity and views. Read more in our blog.


Our THIRD analytics Platform

Keywords Everywhere is the third platform that we advise. We have this one primarily to research the popularity of a topic on YouTube. Read more in our blog.

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Find the right music for your videos

Epidemic Sound is by far the best music platform for YouTube creators at this moment. It also works very intuitively.


Our favorite membership payment page

We advise our clients to use Patreon as a way to monetize their content and further connect with their fans. Read here all the pros and cons.


and the best Community platform

As Patreon is limited and you always want to have full control and creativity with building a community, we recommend adding a community on Read more here in this blog post.


Where we collect our mail addresses & run our campagins

one of the first things any content creator needs to do is collect their mail addresses of their fans. YouTube has all the data and this way you create your own. Also one of the essential steps for monetizing your channel. Active Campaign is one of the best platforms of these times, read more here.


Where we build our webpage

WIX is a great platform to build your website with ultimate design freedom and a lot of extra functionalities.


Our favorite online course platform

Teachable is the place to host your online courses.


Books every YouTube creator should have read

There are a few books that every YouTuber should read. Find them via the button below.

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