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The software we recommend to every YouTuber to create a thriving business - the must-have tools

We summed up all the tools we use and love and that we consider being essential to any YouTube content creator.

TubeBuddy YouTube number one tool

TubeBuddy is by far the most important and insightful tool for any YouTuber, Even as a beginner it is worth to buy the first license - the tools will decrease your workload significantly and you will gain the basic understanding and insights in your channel.

We would recommend a more expensive license to YouTubers that have a team and can focus on optimisation of their content. The A/B testing of thumbnails and titles is amazing and can create extra views and subscribers outside your normal reach.

We use this tool for our clients and optimise their content which will have an increase in ad revenuer between the 10-50% and 5-15% estimated extra growth in subscribers.

VidIQ second one for metrics

VidIQ we recommend using the free version and especially the plug-in with the feature that shows the amount of subscribers in YouTube search results. This is a great metric to indicate the velocity of certain video's (amount of views compared to amount of subscribers) and if a YouTube video is indeed performing well.

This is an essential part in SEO targeting of YouTube video, the basics any YouTuber should understand (see also our online course - YouTube SEO & algorithm - that discusses this subject in-depth).

Epidemic sound for the best sound effects and music for your YouTube creations

Any creator knows how important music is to set the right vibe and audience experience around your YOuTube video. Epidemic sound is the best platform to use music and sound effects without any fear of copyright claims.

PS: did you know that with three copyright claims within 90 days your channel gets automatically terminated by YouTube?

It is so important to use royalty free and safe music.

Patreon first step in to monetise your viewers on YouTube

A lot of content creators and creatives have trouble with monititsing their content. The most easiest and aknowledge platform is Patreon. You can build a membership payment platform here and easy charge for the content you create on YouTube.

To be honest, we advise our clients to think about using a second platform like to create a strong and personal band with their fans.

Patreon is great to use as a payment method, because it handles all the VAT challenges for you. So you don't have to figure out all the different VAT rates and think about ways to pay to the concerning authorities (like in the EU you have to pay VAT in every member state).

You can use Zapier to connect Patreon to different platforms like turn your viewers into raving fans with a thriving community is at this moment in time the best community building platform out there. It is a young technology company, but because of that they build their platform with great user experience and with all the modern applications in mind. Where Patreon is lacking, is outperforming. And in the end to keep your fans and viewers connected, their experience is the most important part.

Active Campaign

Most creators forget this, but it is extremely important to collect data from your viewers. If you don't YouTube has all control. You have no idea who your audience is and no other way of reaching them, then being dependable of YouTube and their notifications.

Next to that with collecting data and especially mail address from your audience, you are able to give them an even better experience and are able to sell products or services more directly.


Our webpages are build in Wix, and we just love the easy design and coding features. Anyone can make a beautiful designed website with a lot of options.


Turning your skills into a online course is one of the things that can bring you to financial freedom. Teachable is the only platform up until this moment that helps you sell your online courses worldwide and handles your payments and taxes. We have been using this platform since 2020 and are extremely satisfied.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or send us an email.

PS: Some of these links are so-called affiliate links and we get a small commission if you use them at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for using them and giving us acknowledgment for our work. We highly appreciate it!


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