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Dominate the YouTube world

Ready to make waves on the world's most influential video platform?

Unleash your creative genius

I believe in riding the wave of creativity, where every video is a unique expression, and every channel is an exciting journey. Whether it's vlogs, tutorials, music videos, or short films, YouTube gives you as a content creator the freedom to showcase your unique talents, ideas, adventures and perspectives to a broad audience.

Dare to be you: discover the power of authenticity. I encourage you to express your unique voice and share your authentic stories, talents, and ideas with the world. Break free from conventional norms, challenge the status quo, and forge your own path. 

Reach an Engaged Audience: grab the opportunity to connect with people who resonate with your unique style and message.

Turn your passion into profit: unlock the secrets to monetizing your passion. Opportunities, including ad revenue, brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and fan support features like YouTube Memberships and Super Chat, to build a sustainable business doing what you love.

Unlock Growth Opportunities: from expanding your reach and building a loyal fan base to monetizing your channel and collaborating with like-minded creators, YouTube is a gateway to endless possibilities.

''Every wave is an opportunity, and every ride is a step towards unlocking your true genius''


What can we do for you?

Success on YouTube is a collaborative effort. We're here to provide personalized guidance, innovative strategies, and support every step of the way. Together, we'll elevate your YouTube presence, unleash your creativity, and achieve your goals. Are you ready?


Let's build brands:

How can we help you

Via TUBEup Academy

TUBEup Academy provides courses and a community that encourages you to express your unique voice, helping you build a brand that's true to who you are.

TUBEup Academy

Via single courses

TUBEup Edit like a pro as a newbie

Whether you're looking to refine your editing skills, master SEO for YouTube, or dive deep into audience analytics, our single courses are designed for you to catch specific waves of improvement.

Coming soon

Via One-on-One coaching

For selected channels, I offer personalized coaching. Designed to elevate your YouTube presence in a way that's tailor-made just for you.

Anniek van Buren TUBEup.png

Via Blog posts

TUBEup YouTube blog.png

Learn about the latest trends, get practical tips, and discover the stories of fellow wave riders who've conquered the YouTube seas.

Via Recommendations

Discover the tools, software, platforms, and books that can enhance your creative journey.

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Via Instagram

Dive into our visual world on Instagram. Gain inspiration, stay updated on the latest trends, and join a community of creative minds who are riding the waves of content creation.

Via Freebies

Access free resources designed to make your journey smoother. From templates to guides, these freebies are your essentials for a successful ride in the world of content creation.

The ultimate guide to start your YouTube channel TUBEup.png

Never want to miss out on the most recent tips and developments in the world of YouTube?

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