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TUBEup Academy

Where you not only build your YouTube channel but GROW your BRAND and BUSINESS.

Special pre-launch bonus of €500


Unlock your
creative potential

Are you a creative woman, a content creator with a passion for YouTube? Do you dream of turning your YouTube channel into a thriving business?


The TUBEup Academy is here to empower you on your journey to success!

Unleash your potential, Build your brand, Secure your future

TUBEup Academy is not just another online course. It's your ultimate resource for empowerment, entrepreneurship, and YouTube success!


I believe in the power of creativity, individuality, and entrepreneurship. I will guide you in using your unique talents and transforming your YouTube presence into a thriving business. 


I believe in more than just views and subscribers, I believe in; 

Building a brand and a future you're proud of!

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What is included

THE TUBEup Academy

January 2024 the TUBEup Academy will start. We will not only grow your YouTube channel. We will build a brand, and business to create a future and lifestyle that you are proud of!

  COURSE 1  

How to Build and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel

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Inside this course, you'll walk through the steps to:

Know what a niche is, why it's important and find your niche.

Learn how to hone your niche and grow.

Know who your target audience is, create your ideal viewer avatar and get to know your audience.

Create a never-ending list of content ideas.

Create your perfect content strategy.


  COURSE 2  

YouTube SEO & Beating The YouTube Algorithm

Inside this course, you'll walk through the steps to:

Know the basics about the YouTube algorithm.

Know which factors drive traffic to your channel.

Know how to hit higher in your search pool.

Learn our YouTube SEO formula and how to apply it.

Find your primary keywords and long-tail keywords. 

Know the necessary YouTube SEO tools, how to set it up and how to apply it.

  COURSE 3  

AI Magic: mastering AI Tools

Inside this course, you'll walk through the steps to:

Discover the latest AI tools transforming content creation.

Master AI techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

Unleash your creative potential by learning how AI can inspire and elevate the quality of your content.

Streamline your workflow with practical strategies to integrate AI tools seamlessly into your content creation process.

Streamline your workflow with practical strategies to integrate AI tools seamlessly into your content creation process.

This part of the academy will launch in May 2024

Anniek TUBEup founder.jpeg

  COURSE 4  

Gezellig kantoor

Analyze, Understand & Adjust Your YouTube Data

Inside this course, you'll walk through the steps to:

Know the most important YouTube analytics figures and features.

Know how to analyze your data the right way.

Know what patterns are, how to recoginze them and what they are telling you.

Know how to adjust your videos for better results and succe

Understand your #1 videos. 

This part of the academy will launch in July 2024

  EXTRA 1 

Step inside

THE TUBEup Community

When you enrol in TUBEup Academy, you're not just gaining access to our expert courses; you're also becoming a member of our TUBEup community. Connect with like-minded creative women, share experiences, seek advice, and ride on your YouTube journey together.

  EXTRA 2 

EXCLUSIVE monthly masterclasses

My commitment to your growth goes beyond just courses. I'm thrilled to introduce our exclusive monthly masterclasses. These in-depth sessions are designed to keep you updated on the latest YouTube trends, strategies, and insights.

Join us each month as we delve into specific topics, share success stories, and provide you with valuable takeaways. It's your opportunity to stay at the forefront of YouTube and continue your journey towards YouTube mastery.

When you enrol in TUBEup Academy, you gain access to these masterclasses as part of the comprehensive package. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your YouTube knowledge month after month.

What is included Academy

When you enrol in the TUBEup Academy - you'll get limited-time bonuses to skyrocket your YouTube channel and business!

Special Pre-Launch BONUS: Celebrate with us!


For the early birds who enrol in the TUBEup Academy before January 1st 2024; 


I'm excited to offer an exclusive pre-launch bonus worth an additional €200 on top of our existing €300 discount. This means you'll save a total of €500. 

My way of saying thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to kickstart your YouTube success and save big.

Secure your spot now before the pre-launch bonus disappears!

Exclusive Launch BONUS:
Lifetime access!

As an appreciation for being among the first to join TUBEup Academy, I wanted to offer you something truly special – lifetime access to all our courses and resources! This means you'll have unlimited access to our empowering content, even as our offerings continue to grow.

This exclusive offer is a one-time opportunity, available only for our early birds. Secure your spot now and enjoy a lifetime of empowerment and growth with TUBEup Academy. Don't let this chance slip away!

Personalized One-on-One
Consulting call with Me

TUBEup consulting call Anniek.png

As an extra special treat for our early TUBEup Academy members, you'll receive a complimentary one-hour, one-on-one consulting call with me, Anniek.  This personalized session is your chance to dive deep into your YouTube goals, gain tailored advice, and have your burning questions answered by the founder herself.

This bonus lets us connect personally and ensure your success on this exciting YouTube journey. Don't miss out on this unique chance to get expert guidance tailored to your needs!


TUBEup Academy

Join us and take advantage of these exclusive bonuses that are only available for a limited time. I can't wait to work with you to turn your YouTube passion into a thriving business!

TUBEup Academy

To sum it up



Course, How to build and grow a successful YouTube channel.

A value over € 4.000,-


Course, YouTube SEO & Beating the YouTube algorithm.


Course, Edit like a Pro as a Newbie.


Course, Analyze, understand & adjust your YouTube data.


TUBEup Community, connect, seek advice, and share experiences with like-minded creative women.


Masterclasses, exclusive monthly YouTube masterclasses. 

Exclusive bonuses

To celebrate and empower you for a bright future together, I have some special limited-time bonuses for you!

Hurry, these special offers won't last forever!

Launch bonusa limited-time exclusive €500 discount on enrollment.


Lifetime access, a one-time opportunity, available only for our early birds.

One-on-one call, your chance to take a deep dive into your YouTube journey.

Limited offer

ex. VAT




A one-time payment of €497*

*Available short period of time.

Normal price is €997,-.

Meet Anniek

Your TUBEup Academy guide

I'm thrilled to be your guide on this transformative journey through TUBEup Academy. With over a decade of experience in the world of marketing, I've honed my skills in crafting powerful brand narratives and connecting with audiences.

TUBEup founder Anniek van Buren working.jpg

Your future starts here

Don't wait any longer to take charge of your YouTube journey. Join TUBEup Academy today and start building the brand and future you've always dreamt of.


Embrace your creative spirit, challenge the norms, and turn your passion into a profitable reality.

Enrol now and begin your empowering YouTube journey with TUBEup Academy!

My guarantee

I'm confident that TUBEup Academy will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed on YouTube. If, within 30 days of enrollment, you don't feel like you've gained valuable insights and practical skills, I offer a full refund, no questions asked. Simply send an email to I've got your back. 


Got questions?

Contact me at

Your transformation starts here. Are you ready?

Let's build brands!

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