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What do you need to start on YouTube?

If you are thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, this blog article is a must read. It is a short overview of what you need to start on YouTube. And spoiler alert, it is a lot less than you maybe think!

First thing to be able to start on YouTube are the essential gear

Yess, your gear. Please don't make the mistake most content creators make: that you need the best equipment to deliver the best result. One of our top performing clients: Feel the Breeze Family, just started with two go-pro for the first 2 years of existence of their channel.

So please don't invest thousand of dollars into gear. If you are vlogging, think about investing in

  • a good action camera,

  • a media mod, and

  • a tripod

And if possible a few hundred bucks into a simple vlogging camera to start with - but this could easily be your phone as well. The newest mobiles have amazing camera's and you can turn your settings towards 4k and 24 frames per second (if you don't know these metrics yet, this is a great YouTube video to watch) which will give you great results.

If you are making primarily informative video's with little to no action, you could easily start with only your mobile phone and a tripod. depending on the sound of your microfoon of your mobile, adding a microfoon would be great.

Create a YouTube channel and make sure you adjust it to your niche

Actually for setting up your channel and making sure you have all the essential things checked and done, we made this free download that you can find here.

Feel free to share this one with others as well.

Content, content and more content

Sounds maybe as a no-brainer but can be a real challenge from time to time: creating content that fits within your niche. If you are still looking for your niche or you have not a fixed idea yet, just experiment and find out.

But when you found your niche, it is best to stick to it. This will accelerate the growth of your channel.

Want to know more about Niche and target audience, check out our exclusive online course here.

That's it

The fun about YouTube is that anyone with a mobile phone with a camera can make content and become a YouTube. Most times we have the misconception that we need to have the best gear, but in the end it is more about the content, the way you tell a story and deliver value.


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