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My name is Rianne Hottinga and I'm a YouTube vlogger from the channel Feel the Breeze family. Since 2019 I have been obsessed with YouTube and its algorithm. I read and followed almost every book and course about YouTube and how to start and grow a thriving channel with raving fans.

And to be honest, the content out there was far from adequate and lacked quality. So after more than a year of experimenting, learning, and growing, I found the keys to building a thriving channel in a year.

And as our channel was growing, I got a lot of questions from fellow creators about what our secrets are... and there and then the idea originated to start sharing my knowledge and experience.

In 2020 I started with giving courses and sharing insights on social platforms. Now 1 year later wanting to take it to the next level, I found a business partner in marketing expert Anniek van Buren (MBA and SMP), and we started TUBEup - the place for small and new YouTube creators that take their channel seriously and see it as a business.


How can we help you & your YouTube channel?

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Here you can find an overview of all the software & platforms we use and the books we recommend.

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In these courses, you will learn everything you need to know to run a successful YouTube channel from scratch.

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For selected channels, we deliver VIP services - from SEO branch research, strategy planning and optimization.

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