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Learn everything there is about YouTube

and build your channel, brand and create a business.

To design your life!

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Influecen, story telling


YouTube SEO

After more than a year of experimenting, learning, and growing, we found the keys to building a thriving channel in a year. To be honest, it isn't that hard. There is a quite straightforward theory behind getting more views than subscribers and growing your YouTube channel. ​

Implementing what we learned resulted in more than 10K YouTube subscribers within 3 months and 30K+ in one year.

Are you ready to create your own successful YouTube channel? YES?! Join the TUBEup Academy now!

YouTube Niche & Target audience

Niching down is extremely important to the growth of your YouTube channel. Because the YouTubes algorithm needs to understand how to categorize your channel. ​Niching down is the first step to skyrocketing your channel!

If we look at marketing, knowing who you are talking to is basically the basic principle in building a strong marketing campaign. Who are you targeting? It's the same with YouTube, it all starts with the viewer. The more you know about your ideal viewer and you deliver the content that they want, the faster your channel will grow.

Edit like a pro

Quality is important and that can be reached by anyone, anywhere, with amateur equipment. 

Understanding your YouTube data

Don't be afraid of your data! 

Become a master in YouTube!

  • Understand the basics of the YouTube algorithm and what drives views & subscribers.

  • Rank on the first page on YouTube.

  • Increase your subscribers towards 10K within 6-12 months.

  • Gain more views than subscribers within the first 3 days after publishing your video.

  • Gain a clear outline of the foundation of your channel.

  • Gain clarity on the niche direction that you want for your channel

  • Know who your ideal viewer is.

  • Understand the content you need to create to attract and engage with your viewers.

  • Learn the basic editing skills with a pro feeling.

  • Get storytelling guidelines to engage your viewers and increase your Watch Time Retention (WTR).

  • The vlogging tips you have to know to spice up your content.

  • Outlines to edit informative videos.

  • Know how to read YouTube analytics and your most important figures.

  • Learn how to adjust your content based on your data.

  • Know how to update your target audience profile.

Join the TUBEup Academy

What you will get

Learn everything there is about YouTube and become a master. Build your own successful YouTube channel. Even take it a step further and create a successful business out of it. 

As a bonus, you get a 30-minute consult call with both or one of us.

This one on one call will give a lot of value as we can go in-depth about your personal YouTube channel.

TUBE up SEO and basics of the YouTube Algorithm

SEO & Algorithm

Every YouTuber should know the basics of driving views and subscribers to their channel.

TUBEup Edit like a pro as a newbie

Edit like a Pro

There are just these basic skills any YouTuber should know to be able to edit your ideas.

TUBEup Niche and target audience

Niche & Target audience

To create a successful channel you have to evolve towards a niche and understand your target audience.

TUBEup understand your data

Understand your data

Every YouTuber should know the basics of driving views and subscribers to your channel.


We have something special!! As we are launching TUBEup and to celebrate we have something special:

THE FIRST 10 who join will get:

  •  lifetime access and

  • an extra coaching call!


For all of you early birds who JOIN NOW:

​the price will be € 267,- (ex VAT.)* instead of € 497,-

*The price will go up.

Pre launch

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