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Free YouTube masterclass

Thursday 21st April - 12.00 CET

Let's talk about the basics of YouTube and its algorithm and how SEO fits into all of this and your YouTube Channel.

Perfect fit for you....

This masterclass is a perfect fit for anyone that just started a YouTube channel or thinking about starting one. This is especially a must join if you take your channel seriously and want to be successful on YouTube. 

We will discuss the basic principles of growing a successful channel, how the YouTube algorithm works and how you can use SEO on YouTUbe to let your channel thrive. This masterclass will touch on all the basics knowledge any YouTube creator should and needs to know.. 

Totally free!


Presented by Rianne,
Founder TUBEup, YouTuber & serial entrepreneur.

Rianne, YouTube vlogger from the Feel the Breeze channel. After more than 2,5 years of experimenting, learning, and growing, I found the keys to building a thriving channel. In this master class, I will share my insights. So, join me on the 21st of April.

In this masterclass we will cover

  • Welcome
    Welcome Introduction to TUBEup and her mission What is the intention and agenda for today
  • Introduction
    Where do you might Rianne from Her authority in the field Passion: anything around building a brand and business online while living a beautiful life. Which she calls being successful in life and not only in business, career or finances (FtB mindset and TUBEup)
  • Introduction to YouTube
    History Character of YouTube Main goal of YouTUbe Two most important things YouTube's history tells us How this works in practice
  • How the algorithm of YouTube works
    Analysis what the right content is and pushes that towards audience What does YouTube consider Right content How does the algorithm work What you can do to help the algorithm and your channel
  • How SEO fits into YouTube
    New channels Existing channels Basics of SEO Tree tools you need to have
  • Wrap up
    Key outtakes Thanks for listening Special offer Q&A
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April 2022 12:00 CEST

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